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Border Stylo Launches GlassThis

Jul 13, 2011

Border Stylo Launches GlassThis to Allow Users to Have Conversations Directly on Any Website

GlassThis Works With Any Browser and Does Not Require An Extension

LOS ANGELES, JULY 13, 2011 – Border Stylo announced today the availability of GlassThis, which allows users to for the first time have contextual, conversations atop any website accessible from any device and platform without the need for any software or extension.

GlassThis allows users to have conversation directly on top of any website. There is no longer the need to e-mail links back and forth, and switch between e-mail and browser. With GlassThis, the conversations are directly on top of the website users are viewing, so everything remains in context. And users can share their Glass conversations on Facebook and Twitter with just one click.

“GlassThis makes it fun and easy to have a conversation directly on top of any website,” said Adam Sexton, CMO of Border Stylo. “It is like having a layer of glass over the entire web which gives users a new and easy way to share and discuss content they find compelling. And it works with all the leading browsers – without the need to download an extension.”

GlassThis users can share content and have conversations about what they want, with whomever they want, where they want, and when they want. In addition, GlassThis allows users to view the most popular conversations created by the Glass community. Want to see what’s happening on the web? Check out the top conversations on GlassThis.

Why e-mail links, when you can have conversations using GlassThis?

Find out more here:


Close Encounters of the Public Kind

Jun 03, 2011

I’m going to just come right out and say it: Public slides complete me. They had me at hello. That’s right. I love them, and not just because of their rising Popularity statuses. Public slides are fun! They unite us, creating mini-communities on top of engaging web content that stirs our minds. We can find common ground over a simple Public slide posted on a blog article full of scanned pages from a severely outdated 1977 JCPenney spring fashion catalog. We can all share in the joke now, because the “All Purpose Jumpsuit” and hideous stretch terry coordinates have been brought to our collective attention. We can then add our own punch lines in the form of comments. Likewise, when a Public slide gets posted on top of more serious subject matter, we can share our opinions and trigger thought provoking dialogues that perhaps show the issue in a new light. Public slides act as virtual comedy clubs, support groups, libraries, shopping malls and sports bars. They are, in themselves, places for us to come together to laugh, bond, research, shop and brag about our favorite teams. We can meet new people with similar interests and chat in real time, without having to keep our voices down or pay a two drink minimum. We can bond.

Keep reading to see the contact request I received last week that spoke volumes about just how powerful sending Public slides can be!


Retrollect: The Global View-Master Disc Phenomenon

May 19, 2011

I recently joined Border Stylo as Community Manager and Product Evangelist. Right as I came on board, the team was putting the final touches on its newest app, Retrollect. Retrollect is a free mobile app that lets you create a mash-up of an experience or event by assembling photos, tweets, and other status updates into a virtual View-Master style disc. With one Retrollect disc, you actually get a total of eight photos, tweets, and/or status updates—just like you would experience with an old-school View-Master disc!

Unlike other mobile photo-sharing apps, Retrollect is unique because you can pull in content from other services you already use like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram—or, you can just take photos and add status updates to your virtual View-Master discs from within the app itself. The same is true when you’re ready to share your newly-created Retrollect disc: You can push to Twitter, Facebook, other Retrollect users, or any combination of the three. (You can download the app and get more info at

Keep reading to find out the most impressive thing that I learned about Retrollect after joining!

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